What We do?

Counselling Connections provides a link between those needing professional counselling services with the most appropriate counsellor. We work with companies looking to provide counselling for their staff, either on a contracted or ad-hoc basis. Having access to a team of counsellors, enables us to match your needs with their expertise, leaving you confident that your team members are in the best hands. We also work with solicitors and other professionals, providing specialist counselling for those who have experienced trauma through events such as an assault, road traffic collision or abuse. Our trauma specialists have done extensive training and are able to offer the most appropriate support, including evidence-based interventions such as EMDR.

We offer casework supervision for counsellors and related professions. Supervision provides an opportunity for practitioners to talk about their work, and the impact it has on their lives. Good supervision helps practitioners reflect on and develop their practice, as well as reducing the risks of burn-out and compassion fatigue. We have offered supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists, mentors, advocates and individuals working in child protection. 

Counselling Connections also provides training and professional development opportunities focussed on enhancing skills, keeping abreast of the latest developments within the counselling profession. We bring in experts in their field, so you can be assured that the training and development opportunities we provide are second to none.

About Us

Counselling Connections, a sister company to Counselling Matters, was established in 2018 to enable us to provide a wider range of employee assistance services. We serve organisations looking for counselling in Liverpool, Sefton and surrounding areas. We have offices in central Liverpool and Waterloo and can offer flexible appointments to fit in with modern working practice. 

Our Strengths

Having access to a team of highly experienced counsellors and supervisors enables us to provide the most appropriate service for your team members, whatever their situation. All our counsellors are fully trained and highly experienced. We are individually members of a recognised professional body, and on an accredited voluntary register, so you can be sure that you are in safe, competent, hands.