Our Services

Counselling Services

 Counselling Connections focuses on providing counselling services to companies and organisations in the Liverpool area. Whether you are looking for one-off support for a team member, or you are looking to establish an ongoing arrangement to provide counselling in Liverpool, we are the ones to contact

If you are looking for counselling for your yourself, our sister company Counselling Matters is better suited to your needs.

Casework Supervision

All counsellors in the UK are required by their professional body to have regular supervision. Supervision provides an opportunity for practitioners to discuss their caseload, working practice and any issues arising from it. Evidence has shown that good supervision is key to reducing burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. However, it’s not only counsellors who can benefit from supervision. We support coaches, mentors, child protection workers and other caring professionals too. 

Professional Development

Continuing professional development is a must for all counsellors. Counselling Connections facilitates workshops and training events aimed at enhancing clinical practice and self-care. Some of these are run in-house, for others we bring in experts in the field. Either way, you can be assured that the training we deliver will always be  of the highest standard. If you have a particular training need, why not contact us? We have connections with experts across the field and may be able to create a course for you.

Networking and Support

Counselling can be a lonely business and it can be difficult for counsellors to connect with one another. We regularly attend networking events and organise occasional encounter groups and other opportunities for engagement with other therapists.
If you are a counsellor and would be interested in finding out more about the events we offer, please subscribe to our newsletter or get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you.

Room Hire

We have counselling rooms in central Liverpool (next to Debenhams) and in Waterloo. While they are primarily used by Counselling Matters, it may be possible to rent some time from us,. Our Waterloo office incorporates a training room and we can access a training room in the city, too. Both offices are close to transport links and have all the usual facilities (there is limited WiFi in Waterloo). Please contact us for more information.

Other Services

We have extensive experience in counselling, supervision, training and support. If there is something you are looking for which we have not mentioned, please contact us. Even if we are unable to provide a service you require, we may well know someone who can, and we are always happy to pass leads on. Counselling Connections is all about making connections. So, please do reach out if you feel there is something we might be able to help with.